Why Study Abroad in Cuba?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Studying abroad is an invaluable experience that immerses students and their teachers in another culture, surrounds them with another language, and exposes them to another side of history. It enables Americans to view their own country from the outside, and see things that are hard to see about it to see from the inside. It connects people to experiences that they’d otherwise wouldn’t have contact with, and leaves with invaluable memories and life lessons.

"Every trip to Cuba has the potential to be a life-changing one."

For Americans, Cuba has long been a forbidden-fruit; subject to varying degrees of travel restrictions throughout the years since the Cuban Revolution. But now, the opportunity for educational travel by universities is changing the game for American students and professors.

Cuba FAME (Food, Art, and Music Explorations) tailors customized educational programs to fit university coursework; from architecture, to history, business, journalism, agriculture, law, economics, and more. We pride ourselves on connecting students to the highest-level contacts in their field in Cuba.

For example, FAME’s Architecture Program introduces students not just to general Cuban architecture, but connects them to the architects who worked in the construction or renovation of whichever site they are visiting. This provides them with the expert-level insight they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

By facilitating relationships between Americans and Cubans with similar professional backgrounds, FAME programs have students contributing to the rebuilding of US-Cuban relations in their own way. Students also offer their future employers a leg up on the competition by already having developed high-level contacts on the island. We here at FAME hope to inspire every student and university to consider studying abroad in Cuba, because we know firsthand of the life-changing possibilities it offers.

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