Hottest Dogs in Havana

For all you dog lovers out there, meet Havana’s favorite miniature dachshund! This cute and stylish pup is not the only one you will see when you visit Havana. Amongst the baroque architecture, quaint cobblestone streets and historical monuments are many adorably dressed up dogs. And they’re not just dressed up for fun, this is a way for Cuban citizens to earn a living in the private sector.

The owners of these bedazzled dogs obtain what’s called a “Costumbrista” license. Which is a special license that allows citizens (or their pets) to dress up in costumes to pose in photos with tourists for tips. This is one of the many professions available to Cuban's who work in the private sector.

Tourism directly impacts Cuba's private sector and if you haven’t visited Cuba, 2019 is the best year to go! Enjoy Cuba’s amazing, food, culture and take a one of a kind selfie with an adorable “Doggy” Costumbrisa.

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