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The history of the Jewish population in Cuba is one that is rich and filled with stories of perseverance. Cuba’s Jewish population is comprised mostly of those who fled Europe prior to the Holocaust and their descendants. Following the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the island saw an emigration of more than 90 percent of its Jewish population. The Cuban Jewish community has managed to survive and does so with the support of travelers from around the globe.

Private Visits to:

  • Adath Israel Orthodox  Synagogue in Old Havana

  • Havana Hebrew Sephardic Center

  • Temple Beth Shalom

  • Havana’s Jewish Cemetery & Holocaust Memorial

  • Jewish Community of Cienfuegos

  • Cuba’s Newest Synagogue and Holocaust Memorial in Santa Clara



  • President of the Cuban Jewish Community

  • President of the Sephardic Center

  • Young Leaders of the Jewish Community

  • Leaders from Central Cuba’s Jewish Community


Cultural Experiences:

  • Highest-Quality Private Cuban Cuisine

  • Nostalgic Ride in Classic American Autos

  • Visit to Havana’s Finest Museums

  • Panoramic City Tours

  • In-Depth View of Daily Cuban Life

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