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What’s better than seeing your members enjoying themselves on a once in a lifetime travel experience?

   Traveling with members of the same club allow them to create a closer bond and interpersonal relationships. This will lead higher participation in future events and a stronger voice within your community.


   Traveling to Cuba is an extremely unique experience in the sense that everyone is in a foreign country that is not often traveled to. Members will engage in a daily schedule of activites that is designed to forge new friendships with their Cuban counterparts. We have found that our travelers gain new perspectives on daily life in both countries.

Special Member Benefits:

Discounted Package Pricing

Since we are not travel agents (we are a tour operator), we are not just reselling premade packages. What does that mean for you? Lower costs for your club's members.

Customized Itineraries


Let us know if your travelers have any special interests such as baseball, cigars, dance, jazz, yoga, or all of the above! We will build the perfect trip for your group, and truly provide a once in a lifetime experience for your members!

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Our Streamlined Process:

(We do all of the legwork)

1. We provide all of the marketing materials necessary.


Let us know what you need to get the work out about the travel package, and our marketing department will create custom materials just for your club. 

2. We handle the registrations internally and online. 


There is no extra effort (or resources) needed on your end to sign up members for this trip. The entire process is handled online, on a special page on our website, just for your organization. We make registration simple enough, it can be done from a smart phone! (Of course we can always provide members with a paper form if they prefer.)

Let's get started!

Let us know how we can reach you or feel free to give us a call at 561-865-6047

We'll be reaching out to you shortly.

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